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              The Trails at Beaver Creek Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Design-Build


              The Trails at Beaver Creek Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Design-Build


              The Trails at Beaver Creek Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Design-Build


              The Trails at Beaver Creek Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Design-Build



              HARBESON, DELAWARE

              Contract: $708,000

              Design-Build Team Members
              Owner: Artesian Water Company, Inc.
              Engineer: Keystone Engineering Group, Inc.
              Design-Builder: Johnston Construction Company

              Key Accomplishments:

              • Designed new treatment facility within limited space bordered by property line and existing structures.
              • Despite delays in the relocation of the electric service cable at the site by the power company, and a delayed building permit issuance by the Sussex County, the project construction was completed in 3 1/2 months. The construction work began in the first week of May 2008 and was completed by mid August 2008.
              • Maintained existing service to customers while constructing new water treatment facilities.
              • Coordinated construction with owner furnished equipment.

              Project Description:

              JCC led the design-build team under a fixed price contract for the upgrade of an existing 100 GPM temporary plant to a permanent 500 GPM water filtration facility with 50’ x 20’ pole building, three (3) chemical feed systems, ductile iron piping with control valves, electrical, instrumentation and four (4) horizontal-split case pumps with a flow range from 50 to 1000 GPM. JCC prepared the process design, layout, and process drawings.

              The Beaver Creek Water Treatment Facility is a water filtration facility located near Harbeson, DE, in Phase 3 of the Beaver Creek Subdivision. It was designed and constructed to treat 250 GPM of groundwater, with facilities installed to add treatment equipment to increase the capacity to 500 GPM at a later date. The project replaced a temporary 100 GPM water treatment facility at this site and tied into a 132, 000 gallon Aquastore water storage tank on site.

              The new water treatment facility includes two (2) 20 horsepower and two (2) 50 horsepower Peerless horizontal split case pumps with variable frequency drive units. It also includes lime feed, chlorine and phosphorous systems with Milton Roy and Pulsafeeder pumps.

              The project was implemented as a fast tracked project, to meet the increasing demands of the new housing development in the area.

              The notice to proceed was given on February 26, 2008. The formal design work and building permit application process began in March 2008. The project was completed August 18, 2008, within the Owner’s required schedule, including more than 10 major after design, on-site changes requested by the Owner to meet their site specific requirements.